Our bar menu specialises in Japanese whisky, sake & Japanese inspired cocktails using ingredients such as yuzu, shochu & umeshu.

We have also chosen our range of wine to compliment the delicate yet complex flavours of our menu.
And of course our thirst quenching selection of Japanese draft beers and our boutique selection of Japanese bottled beer.

So… Sit, relax, drink, eat & ENJOY!! 

cocktails |  16-18

Estu Mug Cocktail

Etsu Highball
Suntory Kakubin whisky, Canton Ginger liqueur, fresh lime & Ginger topped with home made ginger beer.

Light aperitif style with Aperol, Imo shochu, lime juice, sugar, passionfruit served in martini glass. A great balance of bitter, sweet, sour & umami.

Herrro Kitty
Amero Montenegro shake with banana liquor, yuzu, lime, green tea and pearls! Served in a sealed bubble tea cup embellished with your favorite Japanese cartoon characters!

Mr Miyagi Margarita
Ilegal joven mezcal, house-made tequila umeshu, fresh lime & matcha Salt topped with a yuzu foam


West winds gin, maraschino liquor, yuzu juice and Calpis water blitzed until smooth and foamy. Served tall with flavored mochi.  

Yuzu & Elderflower Gimlet
Gin & St Germain elderflower liqueur shaken with yuzu juice. Light Cirtussy and sweet, a great palate cleanser! 
The Japanese Gin Garden
Gin, junmai sake and freshly squeezed lemon juice, shaken with mint, basil & cucumber. Very refreshing and very zen!

Rise of the Lychee
A tall light mix of vodka, shochu and lychee liqueur, shaken with mint and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice


japanese whisky

If the finer points of Japanese culture can prove elusive to the Western psyche, much the same could be said for the country’s whisky. While there may be echoes of Scotland in the distilleries of Honshu and Hokkaido, the huge variety of production techniques produces multifaceted whiskies with an identity all their own.

We have one of the most extensive Japanese Whiskey collections in Australia which continually grows as limited edition collections are released. Don’t know what to order or want to order all of them? Try our Whisky Flight (3 x 20ml). Ask your waiter for our current flight selection

- Kakubin - Floral aroma with a touch of malt & Honey
- Kakubin - Premium- Rich, layered sweetness
- Single Malt 18-Year - Old Oak, orchard fruits, oak
- Single Malt Limited Edition 2015 - melon, cassis, almond
- 2016 Sherry cask - Raisin, sun dried tomato, clove, cocoa

- 12-Year Old - Pears, crushed leafy bracken a hint of citrus, peat
- 18-Year Old - Malty & fruity
- Distillers Reserve - Green fruit, mint, cucumber, pine, grassy, peat

- Harmony - Toasted wood, tealeaf, orange/sherry character
- 17 year-old - sultana, honeydew, warm caramel, rich
- 21 Year-Old - Oak, dark cherry and caramel notes, buttery
- 30 Year-Old - Brown sugar, dried fig, apricot jam & cedar

- Malt double distilleries - Spice & slightly Smokey oak, liquorice
- Mizunara wood reserve - hint of citrus, tangy, toffee apple
- Malt and Grain - peach, vanilla cream, tobacco, pepper

- 12 year old - Blended, aged in oak, peaty, intense
- 18 year old - Blended, aged in oak, not peated

- Fujikai 10 year old - bourbon casks, thyme, vanilla, peat

- Tsunagu Blended Whisky - citrus, cherry and licorice
- Iwai Blended Whisky - gingerbread, raspberry, spiced honey
- Iwai “Tradition” Blended Whisky - full bodied, rounded

- Fifteen year old - Malty, cashew, strawberry

- Nikka from the Barrel - Winter spice, toffee, caramel, vanilla
- Pure Malt Black - Balance of fruit and refined peat notes
- Pure Malt White - Smoke and peat, slight salty, vegetal notes
- Pure Malt Red - Rounded and smooth, touch of spice on the finish
- Miyagikyo single malt - soft malt, sweet, sherry casks
- Miyagikyo 10-Year-old - Floral, fruity, silken smooth
- Miyagikyo 12-Year-old - Sweet hints of vanilla and gently peat
- Miyagikyo 15-Year-old - Malty, toffee and fruity
- Yoichi Single malt - Soft, creamy with subtle peat
- Yoichi 10-Year-old - Oily and sweet, with peat smoke
- Yoichi 12-Year-old - citrus peels and cut orchard fruit subdued peat
- Yoichi 15-Year-old - subdued peat, winter spice and a nutty note
- Yoichi 20-Year-old - Crisp orchard fruits, anise and cream
- Taketsuru 12-year-old - Pure Malt Sweet, oily, apple cider, maple    
- Taketsuru 21-year-old - Pure Malt Cocoa, espresso beans, chocolate
- Taketsuru 25-Year-Old - Pure Malt  Sherry, floral, subtle peat
- ‘Date’ release - Coffee biscuits, spicy passionfruit, creamy vanilla
- Coffey grain whisky - Sweet, hint of coconut and papaya
- Coffey malt whisky - Touch of peat, cinnamon and lemon
- Tsuru  17-Year - Old Ginger, pepper, pastry
- Nikka, straight rye - sharp caramel, crisp, gingerbread
- Nikka straight corn - Bold orange, fermented pear, golden syrup

- Akashi blend - Slightly peated, sherry cask
- White oak 5 year old - 2015- Apple, grain, tea
- Tokinoki blend - oily, dry fruit, apricot, honey
- Eigahima “blackadder” - Tangerine, honey, marzipan

umeshu (plum wine) 60ml

Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from ume fruits. It has a sweet & sour flavour. We serve our umeshu on ice & topped w/ soda on request. 

- Choya plum wine – light & fruity
- Tateyama umeshu plum wine - light & fruity
- Choya classic – naturally sweet yet refreshing
- Choya honey – sweetened with honey
- Choya shiso – bitter-sweet herbal infusion

-Choya uji green tea umeshu
- Choya Kokuto- ume infused w/ dark rum & dark sugar
- Choya ‘extra years’-  umeshu aged in oak, 17% abv
- Choya ‘Gold Edition’- premium umeshu with Gold flake

shochu 30ml

Shochu is a Japanese traditional clear distilled spirit that has been made in Japan since the 16th  century.

- Sanwa Iichiko Silleto(barley)
- Nikaido Kicchomu Tsubo Iri (barley)
- Kurouma shiromaru mugi (barley)
- Kurouma mugi choki chozo (barley)
- Kakushigura (barley)
- Takara ikkomon (sweet potato)

- Jumaisei kuma (rice)
- Hamada syuzou (sweet potato)
- Takara Shirashinken (barley)
- Takara Towari (Buckwheat)
- Honkaku “Rikka” (Barley)

beer & cider

Asahi (400ml) 
Sapporo (330ml)
Ask the staff about our rotating Tap beer

Kirin Apple (330ml)
Kirin Pear (330ml)

Echigo Rice Beer (500ml)
Tokyo Pale Ale
Orion (500ml can)
Kujyukuri Ocean Pale Ale
Karuizawa (350ml can) Clear, Dark or Black
Hitachino nest white ale
Hitachino red rice ale
Kronenbourg 1664
Kronenbourg Wit Blanc
Asahi Black
Asahi Soukai (mid strength)
Coopers Light

sake glass 110ml / bottle 720ml

Sake has something to give that wines can't, most notably texture and umami - "that next flavour". Don’t know what to order… or want to order all of them? Try our SAKE FLIGHT (3 x 40ml). Ask your waiter for our current flight selection

Mio Sparking Sake (250ml)
Region: Nada

Dasai 50 Nigori sparkling (360ml)
Region: Ishikawa

Dassai 50 Ginjo
Region: Ishikawa    SMV +3.0    Acidity 1.4

Dassai 39 Daigingo
Region: Ishikawa    SMV +3.0    Acidity 1.3

Dassai 23 Daigingo
Region: Ishikawa    SMV +4.0    Acidity 1.1

Dewazakura Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo
Region: Yamagata    SMV +4.0    Acidity 1.4

Tengumai Yamahai Jikomi Junmai
Region: Ishikawa    SMV +4.0    Acidity 1.9

Tengumai  Umajun Junmai
Region: Ishikawa    SMV +6.0    Acidity 1.6

Houraisen Beshi Tokuetsu Junmai
Region: Aichi    SMV +6.0    Acidity

Houraisen Kasumizuki Junmai
Region: Aichi    SMV +4.0    Acidity 1.9

Asabiraki Suijin Junmai
Region: Iwate    SMV +10.0    Acidity 1.5

Yoshinogawa Ginjo Gokugo
Region: Niigata    SMV +7.0    Acidity 1.2

Kubota Manjyu Daiginjo
Region: Niigata    SMV +2.0    Acidity 1.2

Amanoto Junmai Ginjo
Region: Akita     SMV +4.0    Acidity

Amanoto Junmai Daiginjo
Region: Akita    SMV +2.0    Acidity

Shochikubai Nigori Sake Junmai (cloudy) 240ml
Region: Kyoto

We also have a selection of “One cup” sake, printed with popular classic Japanese cartoon characters like Gegege no Kitarou and Disney characters, that you can drink and enjoy then take home the cup as a souvenir. Please enquire about our current selection.

sparkling wine

2007 Louis Roederer ‘Cristal brut’                
Reims, France

NV Louis Roederer Brut
Reims, France

NV Ninth Island Sparkling
Tamar Valley, TAS

white wine

2015 Mac Forbes Rs10, Riesling
Strathbogie Ranges, Vic

2015 Vertigo, Riesling
Adelaide Hills, SA

2013 Telmo Rodriguez “Basa”, Verdejo (ORGANIC)
Rueda, Spain

2015 S.C. Pannell, “Aromaticao”, Gewurztraminer/Riesling
Adelaide Hills, SA

2014 Voyager Estate, Chenin Blanc
Margaret River, WA

2013 Kumeu River, Pinot Gris
Kumeu, NZ

2014 Sugarloaf Ridge, Pinot Gris
Carlton River, TAS

2014 Pizzini, Pinot Grigio
King Valley, VIC

2013 Nigl, Gruner Veltliner
Kamptal, Austria

Te Mata, Sauvignon Blanc
Hawkes Bay, NZ

2014 Urlar, Sauvignon Blanc (ORGANIC)
Gladstone, NZ

2014 Maris Picpoul de Pinet, SB (BIODYNAMIC)
Languedoc, France

2013 Grace, Koshu
Yamanashi,  Japan

2012 Kaesler, Viognier
Barossa Valley, SA

2013 Payten and Jones, Chardonnay
Yarra Valley, VIC

2011 Mischief and Mayhem, Chardonnay
Burgundy, France

2013 Giant Steps, Chardonnay (BIODYNAMIC)
Yarra Valley, VIC

2013 Pierro, Chardonnay
Margaret River, WA

2010 David France “Sticky” Late harvest Riesling
Barossa Valley, SA

red wine

2015 ‘Crudo’ nebiollo rose
Yarra Valley, VIC

2013 Louis Jadot, Beaujolais
Beaujolais, France

2013 Grace, Kayagatake Rouge
Yamanashi,  Japan

2012 Amisfield, Pinot Noir
Central Otago, NZ

2013 Payten & Jones, Pinot Noir
Yarra Valley, VIC

2011 Hochkirch “Village”, Pinot Noir
Grampians, VIC

2014 S.C Pannel, Tempranillo Touriga
McLaren Vale/ Barossa SA

2013 Pizzini “Nonna Gisella”, Sangiovese
King Valley, VIC

2015 Save our Souls, Sangiovese
Yarra Valley, VIC

2013 Witness Point “Batch 4”, Shiraz (ORGANIC)
Yarra Valley, VIC

2012 Leeuwin Estate “Arts Series”, Shiraz
Margaret River, WA

2012 Oliver’s Taringa, Shiraz
McLaren Vale, SA

2012 Kaesler “Old Bastard”, Shiraz
Barossa Valley, SA

2012 David Franz, “GP” Grenache Petit Verdot
Barossa Valley, SA

2013 Two Hands, GMS
Mclaren Vale, SA

2013 Mollydooker Two Left Feet, Shiraz Cab/Merlot
Multi-Region, SA

2010 Yarra Yerring, Dry Red Wine No.1
Yarra Valley, VIC

2012 ‘Amelia’ Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot
Wantirna Estate, Yarra Valley, VIC

2012 ‘Thomas’ Cabernet Sauvignon
Woodlands, Margaret River WA

Non-alcoholic drinks

- Coke
- House-made Ginger Beer

- Lemonade
- Ginger Ale
- Tonic water
- Soda water

- Freshly squeezed apple juice
- Cranberry juice
- Pineapple  juice

- Bonsai Berry
- Yuzu Samurai

- Voss Sparkling (800ml)
- Voss Still (800ml)

- short black, long black, flat white, latte, macchiato

Gyokoro is the highest grade of Green tea available and is characterised by its fine green colour, rich aroma and mellow, sweet flavour.

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